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TeraView Limited is the world’s leading innovator of terahertz imaging and spectroscopic systems. Their instruments provide a reliable and robust source of terahertz light and exploit its properties to characterise a wide range of materials.

Patented terahertz technology creates spectroscopic information and 3D images with unique spectroscopic signatures not found at other wavelengths. It resolves many of the questions left unanswered by complementary techniques, such as optical imaging, Raman and infrared. Terahertz technology also produces faster results than X-ray and enables non-destructive, internal, chemical analysis of materials with applications in a number of industries.

K&C REIT’s objective is to build a substantial residential property portfolio that generates secure income flow for shareholders through the acquisition of companies owning property assets that have significant inherent historical capital gains. We intend to achieve this objective by acquiring, developing and managing residential property assets in Central London.

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